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Monday, October 16, 2006  

Free Fun Weekend Activities

I often feel frustrated on the weekend when I realize there is so little to do for free, especially activities to do with friends. Spending money kind of gives you an activity to do together. That's why bars make so much money, even though you know you are paying as much for a glass of wine as you usually do for the entire bottle having somewhere to go makes it a fun activity rather than just - well, sitting around at home drinking wine.
Here's a list of my favorite ways to entertain myself on the weekend for free:

  • Go on a bike ride: This is my number one free activity (of course I did have to pay for the bike). I'm not going to lie though, often we go on bike rides to try out a new restaurant and therefore spend money. But at least we're getting some entertainment out of the free ride there and back.

  • Go to the lake front trail: OK, this is another bike-riding activity but a different one and it could also be a walking or rollerblading activity. Many cities have a place like this for people to walk or bike.

  • Go to the library: I love to go to the library to check out books or sit around and read magazines. This is a great way to spend free time but usually a solo activity, not a social one.

  • Go to the zoo and botanical gardens: Here in Chicago we hare very lucky to have both of these places for free! I know most zoos aren't free, but I think it is more common to have gardens with free entrance.

  • Go to the dog park: I am aware that some people might find it strange to go to the dog park without a dog. However I will not be held back from watching cute animals just because I happen to have a cat! The dog park can offer hours of free adorable entertainment.

I would love to hear what everyone else does!

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