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Tuesday, September 12, 2006  

My Three Favorite Low-Cost Lunches

I have already written about how I use my Laptop Lunchboxto help me save money on lunch, but even more important is what I put in that lunchbox. Here are three really cheap, easy lunches that I like to bring (note that all these lunches are vegan as well):

  • Burritos: This one is my favorite, I bring it all the time. It's super easy to make and REALLY cheap! I figured out I can make myself a huge filling burrito for well under a dollar. I just put rice, beans and salsa in a whole wheat wrap/tortilla when I'm feeling lazy. If you were not as feeling as lazy as me you could throw in some veggies as well, maybe get a variety bag of frozen vegetables at the grocery store or add corn. Because this is my lazy meal I usually just bring a big burrito and nothing else. Afer all, most anything that can go with a burrito can go in a burrito!

  • PBJ: An oldie but a goodie. Buy yourself big ol' jars of peanut butter and jelly and you can feast like a queen on cheap PBJs. I usually eat an apple (purchased as a bag of apples for cost-effectiveness) and baby carrots with my PBJ. I actually have never compared if baby or regular carrots are cheaper but you can get a big trader joe's brand of baby carrots very inexpensively. PBB (peanut butter & banana) is another one of my low-cost lunch favorites.

  • Pasta: If I am going to be really good I'll make a big batch of pasta on Sunday then bring it all week. I only get whole wheat (no comparison to white pasta health-wise) and fettuccine is my favorite variety. I actually love pasta with just seasoning and olive oil, but if you find that bland you could buy a generic brand pasta sauce or make your own using tomato paste. I make this recipe for whole-wheat spaghetti with asparagus a lot, minus the parmesan. I usually like to bring a salad as well when I eat pasta for lunch.

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