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Thursday, September 07, 2006  

Reminder: Check up on your cable bill

I would say that our cable/internet bill is by far our biggest "luxury" expense. We we are on a sneaky promotion from The Evil Corporate Communications Giant that involved our internet and cable getting slowly less and less discounted over the course of a year. Well that year is finally up and our bill this month ballooned to $125 so I called the cable company. First I asked if there was any promotions that she could offer me for my television service and she said that I couldn't receive a promo because I was already under one- one that is saving me a whopping $6 per month! Yeah, some promotion. So I decided to downgrade my cable - I had no idea what I would actually be getting, I just chose the cheapest digital cable package that was offered. (I have to admit I am totally addicted to the guide feature of digital cable. Watching the "preview" channel slooowly scroll by seems like medieval torture to me now.) We came home to find that two of our favorite channels were gone- Discovery Health for me and G4 for him but we can deal, we should watch less TV anyway.
I then talked to the internet division of the The Evil Corporate Communications Giant and had better luck- she said that she could give me the promotional rate of $20 for the next 4 months! This brings our internet to a very reasonable $20 per month. So this is a reminder to all my readers to call your friendly local Evil Corporate Communications Giant, listen to some lovely hold music and lower you bill.

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