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Thursday, August 31, 2006  

August Wrap-Up

Because I had a high spending month in July I decided to buckle down and focus on my savings in August. I'm happy to say I exceeded my goal a bit and at the end of the month I have put $850 into savings. I am cheating on the math a little bit because I bought a plane ticket that will be paid for in September but it just feels better to me to have such a high number this month and a little less the next. Anyway the plane ticket is for Christmas so it feels "fair" not to count it in August's budget.
In retirement news I transferred some of my Roth IRA money into Vanguard's Total International Stock Index Fund. I was feeling uncomfortable with the fact that all my money was in American assets. However because I made this move vanguard won't allow me to purchase more of the index fund I moved money from until October! So I just transferred what would be my roth money into my emigrant account to be moved later. This makes me wonder if I would be better off just putting all my money into emigrant to earn interest then funding my roth once or twice a year- will dollar cost averaging earn me more than 5.15%? I would like to hear other's thoughts on this one.

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