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Tuesday, October 10, 2006  

Embrace The Cheapness!

I have a reputation at work for being cheap. Not wanting to eat out, not spending a lot on clothes, and always taking advantage of leftover breakfasts and lunches from meetings. If you are more frugal than the people around you they will probably start to notice and likely tease you about it. It might make you feel embarrassed and just want to do what everyone else is doing to fit in. But I say embrace the cheapness! If they want to tease you who cares? And I've found a benefit to having this reputation- I have had coworkers offer to buy me starbucks if I go pick up their drink. They would never think to strike this deal unless they knew I would go for it (I'm not one to pass up a free iced latte). If someone receives a coupon they don't want guess who is the first one they offer it to?
Taking control of your spending is not always the easy road to take. I sometimes feel jealous of my coworkers with better and newer wardrobes. It almost makes it more frustrating that I can afford to eat out every day or shop a lot more if I wanted to but I know that's not the best use of my money and what is really going to make me feel happy. So instead of dwelling on what I'm not doing I try to focus on what I am - and know that it's best for me despite the judgments others may make.

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