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Wednesday, August 02, 2006  

Accidentally Saving Too Much

Am I the only who is dumb enough to do this? When I get paid the first thing I do is put as much as I feel that I can into my savings account. This is generally a good plan except sometimes I get a little overzealous- this month I forget that I hadn't yet paid for the plane ticket I recently bought (see why credit cards are bad?) and forgot to budget in that $200. So because I already transferred so much into my savings I find that I'm left with $50 in cash and $80 in my checking account to last me until next friday. Normally I wouldn't leave myself so short but I'm up for this little challenge - it doesn't hurt things that my parents are coming into town this weekend which means I'll get to do a lot of eating out that I don't pay for. Am I the only personal finance nerd that gets a little carried away with her savings?

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