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Tuesday, July 25, 2006  

free tax file service

2005 was the first year I've done my own taxes and since I spent part of my year being a dependent to my parents, part of it doing freelance work, and part of it on a payroll it was a complete nightmare. Not to mention the fact that I moved from a state that doesn't charge income tax (texas) to one that does (illinois). I decided to use turbotax and hated every minute of it. To file my freelance earnings I finally figured out that own business on turbotax which was really confusing and wasn't explained at all. I really don't feel that it was any easier than just filling out the actual forms. Also when I finally got to the end of the process they had tacked on a bunch of fees that I wasn't aware of when I started. Moral of the story: I will never use turbotax again so I've been keeping my eyes out for an alternative for 2006. I was very happy to come across this link from the IRS on Penny Foolish. If you make under 50k a year you can e-file for free on a variety of tax-filing websites. Yes turbotax is on the list, but this year I will be going elsewhere.

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